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Reviews & Testimonials


A very sincere thanks to Kim Isenhour 
for introducing us to this.

Your no-pressure and informative approach

made this decision VERY easy to make. 

        ~ Jenifer E.

Kocher front.jpg


do you

have to lose except 

electric bills!

        ~ John C.

joe back.jpg

Thanks to Kim we didn’t pay anything for our panels and we have a reliable electric bill each month. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to create a greener future for our son.
        ~ Shanna D.

If you have any interest at all in going solar 
(I did and I LOVE IT...cost me nothing to go solar, btw!!!) Contact my amazing friend Kim Isenhour!!!! 
She is THE BEST!!! Save money!!! Save the planet!! 
Get freedom from those utility companies and redefine your future by obtaining CLEAN ENERGY!!! Do it!!!!
            ~ Amy T.

flory side.jpg

Solar Update! 
With the heat this month 
we ran the AC a BUNCH 
yet we’re 82% less 
compared to last year!
        ~ Dave H.


As The Solar Girl LLC/Solar Guy, we are Solar Brokers. We have partnered with Sustainable Energy Systems LLC from Frederick, MD to give our customers the best equipment and workmanship so you can trust that your home is treated with the same attention-to-detail and respect that we give our own homes. Your home is your biggest single investment, we respect that and treat it as such!


©2023 Solar Girl PA/Solar Guy PA. All images are copyright and property of Solar Girl PA. 

All homes featured in this or any Solar Girl/Solar Guy marketing materials are
actual customers and friends who we have personally helped to get and benefit from solar.

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