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The Solar Girl Team:


(Kim with her daughters)

Kim the (original) Solar Girl

Kim started helping people get solar on their homes after getting solar on her own home over 8+ years ago as a customer. She was so impressed with the program and what it did for her own family, that she wanted to help others get the same deal as she did!

After working in the solar industry for 6 years with several of the big national solar companies, in September 2020, Kim spread her wings and started her independent Solar Broker business: The Solar Girl LLC. As a Solar 'Broker', we don't shop your system around to multiple solar companies, we partner exclusively with a Solar Installer who IS the best and aligns directly with my mission - the best equipment available, the biggest savings for customers, and the best customer service now and ongoing!

"Since going out on my own I have been able to help more families and save them WAY more money than I ever could before!"


Working with The Solar Girl, you have access to better panels (we have some of the highest wattage panels installing here in PA - we install REC 405 watt panels - higher wattage panels means less panels needed to generate the same output that lower wattage panels produce and fewer panels means more savings for you!) PLUS, we can get you bigger savings because there is less overhead costs with me which means the savings are bigger for you! 

You can borrow (a little bit like leasing a car) the solar panels for free and get discounted electric or you can buy the panels and get free electric plus federal and state incentives! We break down and explain how all the programs work that your house qualifies for, our superior warranties and your savings with each program to see if it’s a good fit for you!

Not only do we present you with multiple options/methods to go solar with us to see which is the best fit for you, but we also offer multiple applications - shingle roof, metal roof, flat roof and ground mount installation options! 

We love to help families lock in savings with solar - helping families SAVE NOW and SAVE EVEN MORE LATER! (The savings numbers will honestly blow your mind!)

Working with us, customers are important, families are important...

you ARE important!

We strive to give you

the best customer experience

and customer service possible.

We are your Solar Girl(s) through your solar journey/process and beyond.

We are with you every step

of the way and long after the install!

You join our Solar Family!



Melissa Office & Project Manager

Melissa went solar with Kim's help 5 years ago and has been loving her solar ever since! Melissa believes everyone should have and benefit from solar..."it's a costs you nothing (out of your pocket) to get it put up on your roof, and you start saving on your electric cost from the beginning!"

Melissa comes to our Solar Girl Team from a project management background. She helps our team to manage the back-end tasks associated with providing excellent customer service through and beyond the solar installation.

The Solar Girl Solar Savings Team:

Kim 1.jpg


Harrisburg, PA

Lewistown, PA

Lock Haven, PA

Williamsport, PA

Selinsgrove, PA

Tower City, PA

Scranton, PA

    Reading, PA

Pittsburgh, PA


Andrea 1.jpg


Clearfield, PA

Altoona, PA

Johnstown, PA


Christina 1.jpg


Harrisburg, PA

York, PA


Vanthy 1.jpg


Harrisburg, PA

Palmyra, PA




Frederick, MD

Mid-Southern PA


Solar Tammy.png
Leisha 1.jpg


Harrisburg, PA

York, PA




Harrisburg, PA

York, PA


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