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Solar Panels


Why Us?

Sunset on Solar Panels

Kim the Solar Girl is amazing!! I had my Solar panels installed a couple of months ago. I haven’t had an electric bill yet, but the best part was Kim’s assistance. She was there for me every step of the way and answered all of my questions 

Elizabeth S. Morgansville, WV

Kim, the Original Solar Girl

Starting as a satisfied solar customer over eight years ago, Kim's remarkable experience with her own home’s solar transformation inspired her to help others enjoy similar benefits. After gaining six years of invaluable experience with major national solar providers, Kim ventured out in September 2020 to establish her own venture, The Solar Girl LLC. Unlike traditional brokers who shuffle between installers, Kim formed a dedicated partnership with a single installer known for top-notch equipment, unmatched customer savings, and stellar service.

Choosing the Solar Girl means access to the most advanced solar technology available, like our high output REC 410 watt panels that means more savings. We simplify solar, offering both free leasing options and purchase plans enhanced by lucrative federal and state incentives. We pride ourselves on providing personalized solar solutions, whether for shingle, metal, or flat roofs, or even ground-mounted systems, ensuring the best fit for your home's needs. Visit our reviews page to hear our customers feedback and see first-hand the level of detail and service we provide our amazing customers!

At the Solar Girl your not just a customer, you're family. We're dedicated to securing substantial savings for you now-and even more in the future! Our team, including Office & Project Manager Melissa, who herself became a solar convert through Kim's assistance, focuses on seamless project management and exceptional ongoing support. With us, you gain a lifelong partnership and join a community committed too making solar simple and satisfying for every family. Feel free to request Kim personally for a consultation and free no obligation quote!

Commitment To You

Your Solar Journey With Us

Your Solar Journey With Us

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